Hair on Fleek!

One of the major life changes that I went through on the show had to do with my hair. I have very fine, stick straight hair. It did not hold up well when we were filming for 12 hours a day. Thank goodness Dawn came to the rescue! She brought me the Bombshell rod curling iron made by Sultra. This was truly life changing. My hair could be fixed in about 10 minutes and as a bonus, the curls actually held up during filming. I think it makes my hair look fuller and healthier. A life without this curling rod is not a life worth living! It is amazing and truly worth the money. Dawn did so much for me, but this was at the top of my list. 

By the way, I'm not 100% sure what "Hair on Fleek" means, but I think it's good so I'm going with it. 

Buy your Sultra Bombshell curling rod HERE