Grocery Shopping

When my family and I would go grocery shopping, we would buy a lot of stuff that you get from the middle isles of the grocery store (crackers, cookies, pasta, boxed cereal, granola bars). Now, we shop the perimeter of the store, trying really hard to not go into the middle. We no longer buy any boxed meals, sugary cereal, or granola bars. We buy meat and a ton of produce. We buy so much produce that the cashier and the grocery bagger had a bet going on about our family last night. We had so much fresh produce on the conveyor belt that the bagger thought we were vegetarians. Dawn taught me to always do a cart check. Your cart should look like your plate (25% protein, 25% grain, and 50% veggies). Obviously we are still living by that rule! When we go shopping, we shop for the food we will eat for the next 2 weeks and we do not buy anything that is not on our list. We also NEVER go hungry. As Dawn says, "Hungry people make bad decisions". How true is that!?! If I go to the store hungry, I impulse buy things that are not on my meal planner.  This is never good. Grocery shopping used to make me feel guilty because I bought unhealthy foods to serve my family. Now I leave there feeling proud that I now know how to shop for healthy foods. Staying on track is hard, but the feeling I get from being the best me I can be, is so worth it.