Wheelbarrow Incident

On last week's episode I got in a fight with a wheelbarrow, and it won! It didn't look that bad on TV, but in reality it hurt!! Let me tell you what really happened. Shaun was yelling at me to "dig deeper". If you don't know, I am a HUGE Shaun T. fan. I mean, I love this man. So whatever he tells me to do, I do. Since he was telling me to go, I started moving faster. My wheelbarrow was empty and I was moving really, really fast until I hit a divot. The wheelbarrow flipped up and there I went, flying over it. The handlebars hit both of my thighs, something cut my shin, there was blood and I was down for the count. It was really freaking me out because I broke my leg two years ago and I was so scared that I had broke it again. Luckily the Medic checked me out and other than some bruises and a cut, I was fine. I do still have a nice scar, but that will be a great way to remember the reality show I was on when I am older!