Fondue Party

One of our favorite restaurants is The Melting Pot. I love all of the different dipping sauces, my daughter likes the chicken, my husband enjoys seafood and of course, we all love the chocolate. It's a little pricey and I'm sure there are a lot of calories in the cheese and chocolate fondue. My daughter had been begging to go to The Melting Pot so we decided we would find a way to replicate that at home. We invited Dawn over for a fun night of food and friendship at the Queen household. We have a Nuwave cooktop and fondue set so it was very easy to cook. My hubby made a citrus Mojito broth for us to cook our food in. We had chicken, lobster, steak, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots. We did not have any chocolate or cheese, but it was still a fun night! 

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