Recap of last night's episodes

WOW! Talk about some intense moments. We sure had them on last night's episodes of "My Diet is Better Than Yours".

I am so proud that I won the 5K Challenge. Dawn and I had been training, but had not ran that distance before the challenge. I feel like the training I had been doing with her and the food she had me eating really had me prepared to run that race. Poor Jeff was not feeling well and had been sick all day. I was so happy he didn't run, because he truly needed to get out of the sun and rest. Taj dropped a bomb when she said that she and her wife are getting a divorce. No wonder she wasn't in the right mood to complete the 5K. Kurt and Latasha really pushed themselves and did a great job. 

Then comes the weigh in and I lost 6 lbs in ONE week!! YES!! I had been working my tush off and it showed on the scale. I finally ranked #1 at the weigh in. About time that happened. 

Our next challenge was the "Fight for your Life" challenge. Before that I had never hit a punching bag. I have to say, it felt good. I think I will start incorporating some sort of boxing into my daily workouts. It was nice to take out my daily frustrations on a punching bag. Can we just talk about that plank for a second? Dawn had me doing an "under 10 minute" workout everyday where I had to do planks. I know this had me prepared for the plank challenge. We girls were happy to learn we came in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. GIRL POWER!

The next weigh in I didn't do so well. I lost 1 pound and came in 4th. I must say I was a little disappointed, but at least I lost and didn't gain. I knew the next week I would have to work even harder if I wanted to make it back into the top spots. 

I want to say a big Thank you to my Zumba friends from J.M.Tull YMCA in Lawrenceville for doing Zumba with me and Georgia Dance Unlimited in Dacula for letting us use their studio!