Kitchen Gadgets

We love kitchen gadgets in our house. We probably have one of everything ever made because Kevin is a total gadget geek! We have items in my cabinet that I don't even know how to use. Thank goodness my hubby knows his way around the kitchen!

There have been a ton of people that ordered my meal planner (thank you all so much for ordering!). For one of the meals this week, we used a spiralizer to make Zoodles (zucchini noodles). Many of you have asked where to get something like this. Click here to purchase one like we have. It works really well and makes the zoodles look like noodles! 

Next week we are cooking eggs. Dawn bought Kevin an egg cooker for Christmas (she knows him so well). We love it. It cooks eggs perfectly. If you want one of those, click here

I'm sure I will find some more fun kitchen gadgets to post about! I'll go through our cabinets, ask Kevin what the stuff is used for, and get back to you :).