My Dawn

I know you all saw just how amazing Dawn is, but I want to confirm those thoughts! When I first met Dawn, she looked at me and said "This is meant to be. You can do anything". We went back to those words many, many times during our time together. The first thing I noticed was just how stunning she is to look at. The second thing I noticed is how much she genuinely cares. She always has my best interest at heart. This was not just a competition on a reality show for her. She actually wanted my family and me to get healthy because she cares. She would do kind things for us all the time. She brought us a plant when our dog died. She would give me pep talks when I was feeling down. She always encouraged me and was truly one of my biggest cheerleaders. I told her I loved her eyelashes and the next day she brought me the mascara, blush, and primer that she uses. She went to Zumba with me. She went to step class with me. She taught me how to breath properly while running. We cried together, we laughed together, and I think we grew together.  I never imagined that we would have the relationship that we have when I started this. We still talk everyday. She helped me pick out my outfits for my photo shoot today for HOURS. Literally, hours and did not complain one time. She is smart, truthful, absolutely hilarious, and one of my best friends. She spent time away from her family (and her dog) to teach me how to get healthy. I feel so fortunate that this woman came into my life. I know I won because she has the best plan. I got a lot more out of this than getting healthy. I got a friend for life.