What happens when you don't eat sugar?

When I first read the cut the C.R.A.P part of Dawn's plan, I will admit I was a little nervous. I mean, I love sugar. I enjoyed coffee flavored water in my sugar. I put sugar in my spaghetti sauce. I added sugar to fruit. There really wasn't much I didn't put sugar on. The first week of not eating sugar was pretty tough. After the first week though, it was amazing. Everything started to taste different. I had some watermelon and you would have thought I was eating a pixie stick. My stomach no longer hurt and I wasn't bloated. I didn't have ups and downs in my energy levels. I am so happy that I took the step to eliminate most sugar from my diet. It sounds a lot scarier than it actually is. It actually is possible to enjoy apples, strawberries, spaghetti sauce, and many other things without the extra sugar. In fact, it is better!