Bra Shopping

A lot of ladies will feel my pain when it comes to bra shopping. I always hated shopping for a bra because I could never get a cute one. It was always big and white with extra large straps. I could never get a cute one because I had to get a bigger bra and I could never find any color other than white. Once I lost the weight, I really needed new bras and panties. I got a gift card to Victoria's Secret. Before I lost the weight, nothing in that store would fit. I was really nervous that I still couldn't wear anything in there, but I sucked it up and went in anyway. I found a few bras that I thought might fit and went to the dressing room. I wasn't sure if they were fitting like they should so I had an employee measure me. I was shocked to find out that they did fit perfectly. I could finally fit into bras and panties at VS!! This was a huge day for me. I am a very practical person and knew that I had no bras that fit. I was only buying one bra that day so I picked out a white one. My husband knows that I have always wanted to wear a cute, colorful bra. He told me to not get the white one and to get the polka dot one that I loved. He said we could buy me a white one in a couple of weeks (those bras are a little pricey!). Since then, I have been back many times to buy more bras. I never realized how fun bra shopping is. Also, a good bra does wonders for how you look in your clothes. When your boobs are up where they should be your waist looks smaller. If you ever go to VS and need to know which bra to buy, I recommend the Dream Angels Push Up bra. I will admit, with this bad boy on my boobs look pretty good. I am posting a pic of me with my old bra on and then with a Dream Angels push up bra on. Holy cow...the difference is crazy!!!