Thumbs Up Man!

We did so many things while filming that were never shown on the actual show. One of my favorite moments was making a shirt with Callie and Dawn. Callie was drawing a picture one day and one of the producers asked her what she was drawing. She told them that she was drawing something that expressed how she was feeling. We went and looked at her picture and it looked like a drawing of someone flipping someone off with both hands. Thank goodness I decided to ask her what it was a picture of before I scolded her for her drawing. It was a picture of her giving 2 "thumbs up". The producers took her picture and surprised us with shirts with the picture printed on it. They also brought fabric markers so we could color our shirts. We had so much fun that day. The drawing then became a running joke between all of us. If we were ever frustrated at anyone we would just look at each other and say, "Thumbs-Up Man!".  Callie and I still wear our shirts. In fact, we wore them yesterday. Our shirts remind us of our fun day together. It also reminds me of the people that I spent many hours with over 14 weeks. I miss the contestants, crew and I especially miss Dawn. 

If you are ever aggravated, but can't say what you are thinking, just give them a big "Thumbs-Up"!