My Child is a PICKY eater!

My 9 year old is a very picky eater. Meal times were always a struggle and snacks were nothing but junk. When Dawn came along, she changed the way we think about meals and snacks. Now we know that as the parents it is our job to provide our daughter a healthy meal. It is her job to decide whether she will eat it or not. No more power struggle, no more fighting. The meal is what it is. We let her pick what healthy meal she would like us to serve twice a week so she feels a sense of ownership. We also post a list of snacks that are available to her for the week. I already have the snacks divvied out into baggies so she can easily get them. This has made life a whole lot more enjoyable and easier. Plus, my child is now eating fruits and veggies without (much) complaining!!