Shopping for running gear

One thing is a fact, you cannot comfortably run without the right equipment. For a girl with large breasts, one of the things you must have is a good running bra. I could run barefoot as long as I have on a comfy bra that makes the girls not jiggle. After Dawn watched me run for the first time, she knew we had to go shopping. We went to Feet Fleet in Lawrenceville to get everything I needed. We found a bra that would hold everything in. Oh my gosh, what a difference that makes. We also got some new running shoes that feel like butter on my feet and some compression sleeves. My calves always hurt after running and these sleeves have made them feel so much better. Now that I have the right stuff (yes, that is a New Kids on the Block reference) I can be much, much happier while running. 

Buy the bra I wear to run here. If you are interested in the shoes I wear, click here