Pinterest is my nemesis!

Before I started my weight loss journey I was an avid user of Pinterest. I would go on that site several times a day to find different dessert recipes. I would tell myself that I was just going to go look at the recipes, but as soon as I would start looking, I would start craving sweets. After 5 minutes of sifting through recipes I would just have to make one. Off to the store I would immediately go to get all of the stuff I needed to make some yummy cake or cookie. This happened more times than I would like to admit. Once I started on my journey to lose weight, I stopped looking at Pinterest. I knew that was a trigger for me and at that point in my life I couldn't go and just look. A lot of people also post recipes on Facebook. I have stopped clicking on the links and just keep scrolling. My husband even unsubscribed from all of the unhealthy food blogs he followed. He realized that was one of his triggers and knew he had to change to get different results that he had in the past. Oddly enough, I don't miss Pinterest. I have found different things in my life that make me happy so I no longer have to find happiness with baking. 

(I know Pinterest has a lot of other things on it besides unhealthy recipes. That is just never how I used it. )