"Fat Girl" Box

If you watched, "My Diet is Better Than Yours" this past Thursday you saw me confront my "fat girl" box. If you didn't watch it, shame on you :). Many of you have asked me why I didn't want to get rid of it. I can answer that, but first I need to give you the backstory. I have lost weight and put it back on too many times to count. Back in 2011 I lost about 75 pounds. I was so excited to get the weight off that I took all of my larger sized clothes and put them in a box. I was so proud that I had lost so much weight that I wrote "fat girl" clothes on my box and stuck the box in the attic because I was no longer fat. I didn't need those clothes anymore. It was a really proud moment for me. Fast forward about 9 months. I had put all of the weight back on. This was a very low point for me because I had to crawl back into the attic and get the box labeled "fat girl" clothes. No longer did that box make me feel proud. I felt so discouraged and embarrassed. I felt defeated. Unfortunately, this did not make me change my ways, it just made me eat more. When I had to show that box to Dawn, I knew she would not be happy. She really believes in Body Love and this box represented the complete opposite of that. It represented me really not liking myself, but those clothes were my crutch. They were my comfort. They were there to catch me if I failed again, like I always had before. I did not want to get rid of those clothes. Not because I did not believe in Dawn or her plan, but because I did not believe in me. I was hearing a voice inside my head telling me that I would need those clothes again one day. It took a lot of talking with Dawn and a lot of positive self-talk to get rid of those clothes. It took me really looking at myself and saying "I believe in you" and actually believing it. Once I made the decision to let the clothes go and actually get rid of them, it was the best, yet scariest feeling in the world. It was me telling myself that this time is different. It was me saying that I will not let myself go back to the old Jasmin. I am so proud that I decided to let them go. If you have a box like that. Get rid of it! Do not keep it. You do not need a crutch. You need to believe in yourself. Believe this time is different and then make that your truth. I believe in you, just like Dawn believes in me.