Why I plan my meals

Before the show my family and I always planned out our dinners. We find that planning out dinners really helps with our grocery shopping, budget, and of course, sticking to the plan. I never really planned out what I was going to eat for breakfast and lunch. I would always just fly by the seat of my pants. This never worked for me. I would eat unhealthy things for breakfast, if I ate breakfast at all. I would wait until I was starving for lunch and head into the pantry in a panic. I would eat marshmallows, chocolate, potato chips... really anything I could get my hands on. I have since learned how important it is to have every meal planned out, including snacks. This keeps me from having to make snap decisions because I am starving. For me, those snap decisions always lead to poor eating.  I have had many people ask me what my days look like when it comes to food. This is where the idea of me creating a meal planner came from (well, that and Dawn's brilliant mind). If you would like to see what my family eats for every meal and get the recipes and grocery list that go along with those meals, go to my Shop here on my website. There you can purchase 4 weeks of my meal planner, recipes, grocery list, and tips for only $19.99. This is nothing fancy, but it will show you exactly what I eat on a weekly basis. If you are confused on how to start making small changes in your diet, this would be a great program for you. It is also a terrific supplement for Dawn's Superfood Swap Starter kit. She tells you the why and I show you how I implement the plan in my life. It is meal planning, made easy. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to comment on here or email me at contact@jasminqueen.com. 

You can buy Dawn's Superfood Swap Starter Kit here.