My Support System

I know that most of you saw Kevin and I on the show last week having our "date night". I feel like many of you celebrated with us when we put on our wedding rings. I thought Kevin deserved a whole blog all about him because he has been so amazing throughout this whole journey.Kevin is the chef in our house. His food is soooooo good. I mean, like slap your mama good. He can cook just about anything, but my favorite has to be his Firecracker Chicken (which is definitely not Dawn approved). Since he is the chef, he had to relearn how to cook. He had to learn new ways to make our meals fun, tasty, and interesting. He really listened to Dawn (most of the time) and got some great ideas on how to make our food healthier. He also took on a lot of the other household responsibilities while I was filming and exercising. He kept the house clean, kept my belly full, and kept our daughter happy. I know that I could not have made it this far without him. So many people have commented about how supportive he is and they are so right. He is a great guy, my best friend, my rock, and my own personal healthy chef. I am definitely blessed and so grateful I have him. 

My other family members also played an important role in my success. My daughter, mom, dad, and step-mom have all been there for me, cheering me on, supporting me, and encouraging me. 

One thing I learned over these past few weeks is that having a support system is so important to success. There is no way I could have made it this far if my whole family wasn't on board. It is a definitely a group effort in the Queen household.