Food Saving

When we grocery shopping, we shop for 2 weeks of food at a time. Many people have asked how I keep my produce good for that long. My secret is a food saver. We use it to keep our lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers, and meat good for weeks. My husband cuts up the vegetables and then places them in Mason jars. We have the food saver that has an accessory hose. We use that to seal produce in the jars. It really does work wonders. My mom taught me this trick and it has saved us a ton of money, which we LOVE. We used to put salads in jars, but that seemed to get my lettuce wet and I can't stand to eat wet lettuce, so we decided to put everything in its own separate jar. If you want to see the food saver we use, click HERE.  To see the jar sealer, click HERE. Happy Sealing :).