I blew it!

I was walking through the mall yesterday and it finally happened. Someone recognized me. This was a total first. This sweet lady said, "You are on TV". I said, "Yes, that was me" and smiled at her. She then gave me a big thumbs up and told me I was her hero. What did I do? Did I tell her how sweet she was to tell me that or how much I appreciate her watching the show?!? Nope, I just smiled and kept on walking. Not because I don't appreciate someone being so kind to me, but because I was so caught off-guard that I didn't know what to say. I have been kicking myself since yesterday. I wish so badly I could go back and hug her and tell her thank you. Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for watching me. Thank you for her kind words. Hopefully she is reading this. If you are, please know that I am so sorry that I didn't stop and talk. Next time (if it happens again), I will be more prepared and definitely friendlier. I will admit though. It was an awesome feeling to have someone tell me that. It really meant a lot to me.