Guess who rode the carousel?!?

My family and I love going to Six Flags. I hate roller coasters, but I do enjoy the kiddie rides! Callie always wants me to ride the carousel with her, but I was always afraid that I was too big to fit on an actual animal. If I did ride it, I would ride on the carriage that doesn't move. After I lost the weight, we went to Six Flags and guess what.... I rode the carousel and I fit. Perfectly. Callie was so excited that I could ride that with her. Kevin doesn't ride the carousel or really any ride that spins, but she talked him into riding the swings with her. Normally, he wouldn't fit into a swing, but this time he did. He hated the ride (he almost puked), but loved that he could fit. I feel like we have a whole new life now because the weight is gone. It is a wonderful new life and I am excited to live it!